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SimpleForum needs to be, as the name suggests, a forum that is simple and easy to use to both end-user and administrators.

Please note this project is still very young and I wouldn't even class it as alpha. 

So, you need to setup a new forum for your website or a business - what instantly pops into your head; vBulletin? phpBB maybe? Or even Invision Board? Yeah, they're all PHP based. SimpleForum aims to be the vBulletin, phpBB and Invision Board of the ASP.NET world. View the Documentation if you wish to check the project out, or just view the screenshots below. Any help would be appreciated so take a look at the Issue Tracker or get stuck-in, do a check out and feel free to submit patches :-)

Current Features check the issue tracker for planned(-ish) features

  • Basic forum features; create categories, forums, threads, posts, etc.
  • Uses a Markup editor for posts (will be configurable by the admin)
  • Skinable (to an extent; place your stylesheet in Content/CSS/Templates)
  • Users can earn reputation from interacting; creating threads, replying to threads, rating posts, reporting posts, etc.
  • Users can earn achievements; e.g. the "Comedian" achievement will be given if the user has 100 posts that has been rated as "Funny"
  • Posts can be rated; e.g "Funny", "Helpful", "Abusive", etc.
  • The ability for users to use OpenID as a login provider
  • A comprehensive (nearly) view of users via user profiles
  • Spam detection with Akismet
  • Taggable threads

Technologies Used: 

ASP.NET, MVC3 Framework, jQuery, AJAX, Ninject (Service Locator, Dependency Injection, Repository Pattern), JSON








simpleforum-login.png simpleforum-user.png simpleforum-reply.png   simpleforum-thread.png

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